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How this broad started wayfaring abroad...

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My name is Melissa. ^_^

I first started traveling when I was in my teens and more recently in 2014 I left my job in Chicago and spent two years teaching English in South Korea.  I haven't been able to sit still since.  A home base is important, but just haven't found a way, fortunately, to get rid of that travel itch. 

While in S. Korea I was able to travel, do some self-reflection (as cliche as that sounds), and develop some new passions. After those two years in the land of the morning calm, a month in Thailand, and some moseying around Europe, it occurred to me that I wanted some way to keep a record what I was doing. And this is how this broad started "Wayfaring Broad."

People generally see traveling as this expensive vacation full of excursions, fancy hotels, and stuffing one's face with exotic foods. It doesn't have to be!  Traveling with all those things, it will get really expensive REAL fast.

EXCEPTION!  -   The last bit about the food is true. So bring on the food that is for the face-stuffing!  

When I was an expat living in another country, I wanted to travel all over. Mainly because I knew that expat status was short term and wanted to make the most of it. So, I had to adapt and travel more frugally.  It's definitely possible if one is willing to compromise some comfort or luxuries to make it happen.

After traveling for a bit, I thought it a shame that I didn't have some way to look at something to remember it all by.  Well something more centralized and easy(ish) to maintain.  Scrapbooking is not my thing, and social media has its uses. However, Wayfaring Broad is a hub of all these things and is also a way to see what I've done in my adventures to inspire and motivate to myself, and others, to keep at it.

My perspective has changed so much as I have traveled. And I want to experience as much of it as I can, while I can. 

~Wayfaring Broad



Tips and tricks to traveling. Whether it's short term, long term, or enjoying the expat life. Find some ways to challenge and better the way you travel. AKA - Learn from my mistakes. 


This is where the face-stuffing part comes in.  Food is one of the few things that brings people together and doesn't need words to be understood. Look here for some of the tasty treats and feasts I've come across on my travels.


I'm up for anything and everything. Kayaking, throwing paint powder at complete strangers on the beach at 10am on a Sunday, or just coming across an interesting person and exchanging stories. Whatever and where ever it is, it's adventure time!