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Wayfaring Broad

German Cafes


One of the first things I noticed while trekking through Germany is the umbrella filled spaces in front of cafes.  Hailing from the U.S., it’s not that we don’t have outdoor eating areas, it’s that they’re not the standard here.  Usually reserved for nice weather and sunny days, the outdoor space of a café or restaurant isn’t as utilized as it is in Germany. A little drizzle? Indoors we go. Too hot or too cold? Indoors to the lovely air conditioning or heating.  Not in Germany!  Whether hot or cold or a little rainy not much stops people from sitting outside to enjoy their meal.  Mostly, I think because of necessity.

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Wayfaring Broad

The Charming Village of Sankt Goar


I was five days into my trek around Germany. Staying in the town of Mainz, named after the river it was built adjacent to, just west of Frankfurt.  I was planning a day trip to somewhere and quite indecisive about it.   Daniel, my Couchsurfing host suggested I check out a small village on the west bank of the Middle Rhine.  The transportation was a bit tricky to figure out. The best way was by train, but finding the right train to take was another story.  At the Mainz Bahnhof, instead of entering the building and taking a train, as was normal SOP, I was instructed to go around the right side from the entrance where there stood an open platform for a few selected trains. Figuring out how to purchase a ticket from the machine was a feat in and of itself. Even Daniel, a native German, found difficulty in maneuvering the selection process to pick the correct ticket.

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