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Starkus – A “Polish” Tradition


Starkus may sound like the name of a starfish inspired Pokémon, but it’s actually the Lithuanian word for “stork.” What do a Lithuanian word and a Polish tradition have to do with one another, you might ask?  Well, for two centuries Poland and Lithuania were one country. Culturally, there’s a lot of crossover in both myths and traditions. Also, the Polish word for stork is “bocian,” and in my opinion, “starkus” seems to roll off the tongue better.

Starkus also happens to be the name of a rye vodka produced by Kozuba & Sons Distillery.  So, why would someone name their vodka “stork”?  Well, it starts with the myth related to this white avian.

The Myth of the Stork 

A couple wants a child. They leave sweets on the window sill for the stork to eat. The stork sees this as a signal that the couple wants a baby.  The stork then finds a baby, either in a cave or Marsh (I don’t know why there were all these random babies roaming around those areas) and delivers the child to the new parents. 

The story of the stork to this day is still associated with bringing children into the world.

Examples: The Disney movie “Dumbo.” The Pixar short movie “Partly Cloudy.” A plethora of baby shower cards. Or any instance where parents “smoothly” dodge the birds and the bees talk with their not-yet-old-enough child.

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