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Imperial Castle of Nuremberg


It’s late October and the autumn changes are arriving later than expected.  During my time in Wisconsin, autumn is signaled with the brilliant cocktail of yellow, orange, and red leaves lining roads and parks.  Germany was a bit of a late bloomer and the colors weren’t showing as brilliantly due to the warmer weather.  I was looking for fall colors wherever I could and up to this point, I haven’t been able to fulfill that wish.

My time in Toy Town was sadly over and now I was heading north with a stop in Nuremberg.  The only bit of information I knew of Nuremberg was the trials of the Nazis that took place after WWII.   The train ride was about 90 minutes so I started researching some things to do in the city.  The first thing that popped up was a world famous Christmas Market (Weinachtsmarkt).  I love Christmas! It’s my favorite holiday and I was crossing my fingers that I wasn’t too early to see it.  Next attraction that popped up was the Imperial Castle.  Castles aren’t’ something we have in the states. After my tour through the Rhines valley up to the Village of Sankt Goar, Heidelberg, and a day trip to Neuschwanstein; I still hadn’t gotten enough of castles.

After arriving, I do what I always do.  Found a place for my luggage, whether checking in to the hostel or renting a locker, and started exploring the town.

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