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Wynwood Walls

I saw a plethora of graffiti during my tour of Germany.  What I didn’t expect was the art graffiti community not that far from me.  I went to visit my sister in Miami and she told me about this place call Wynwood Walls.  Never heard of it before, but she told me that is was an artist community with graffiti everywhere.  For whatever reason, in my head, I was expecting some half-assed art installations or some pretentious displays with some convoluted artist statement. Something like, “this Barbie head nailed to this canvas represents the conflict and oppression…..blah blah blah.”  I’m no art aficionado, but I know crap when I see it.  Pulling up to the parking spot we finally found, the first thing I see is this:


And I realized, “Okay this is gonna be good!”  Got out my camera and let my eyes feast on these big beautiful walls.

Everywhere I looked, it seemed like there was something extraordinary to look at. Just standing there scanning the image for all the details and colors. Thinking about how long it took these artists to complete and how skillful I thought they were. Even walking around, looking at the cement blocks of the sidewalk, there were spray-painted on pieces. Not as detailed as the walls, but little sayings or cartoons scattered about.

Here are some of my favorites:




Even looking up on telephone poles I saw this owl hanging out made from car tire parts.


Walking around for a while, we came upon this big outdoor display area.  A courtyard specifically to enjoy these wall paintings. And yards of grass cordoned off with chain fencing. In the center of the cordoned off areas lay sculpture installations. One can move from wall to wall and see all the different paintings or mosey around appreciating the sculptures. Honestly, I could’ve spent all afternoon there.



A snippet of wall art I saw:

Fascinatingly, the wall art changes periodically.  So if I were to go back today, many of the pieces have been changed. The local businesses seem to embrace the vibe of the community too.   I’m not sure if their outside décor changes as frequently the walls, but they add their own beauty to the community’s ambiance.

This was an unexpected find of my Miami visit but pleasantly surprised by this excursion. Would love to go back other times of the year to see how the art has changed. I know in October they have a HalloWYN block party. Might warrant another trip down there to see what changes are made and how festive the area becomes.

Have you been to Wynwood walls? What was your favorite art piece? Let me know on my FACEBOOK PAGE or leave a comment below.

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THE Rock - Plymouth, MA

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